Obsessed With The Excess - Trade Deadline Live Blog Hour 3

So we're still not seeing much yet today but things should pick up any minute now.. at least if we believe TSN desperately trying to justify their coverage today. Since there isn't too much to talk about though, lets see what some completely random people on Twitter are saying about the Blackhawks:

"If the Hawks cannot deal #Huet, I bet they bury his salary in the minors and get a decent backup or starter #NHL #Blackhawks" - SeanMcIrish

"Wants to go to a Blackhawks game....anyone ever been? If figure it should be as much fun as a baseball game....lol" - MACnificent513

"Not big Huet fan but if #blackhawks trade him today I don't like chances for playoff run this year." #goaltendingwinsinnhl - emc597

"come on blackhawks ick up a goalie who can actually stop pucks every night! thats why youre paying them!" - NoochieBoochie

"Will the #blackhawks change up their lineup before the trade deadline? I personally hope they drop Brian Campbell. not much ROI on that guy!" - Csolarz

"Logistics be damned, if the Blackhawks want my merchandise money, they'll deal for Ryan Miller. Also acceptable: John Vanbiesbrouck." - 27up27down

"I hope the @blackhawks pick up roloson for a cup run" - ianbaran

So yeah - Twitter can be great on days like this for breaking news but lets not forget that it's also a complete waste of time as well. Anyways.. on to the second to last hour.