Official Glossary For The Newcomers

I've seen these popping up in more and more comments sections, so I thought I would help everyone out here on the front page.  We're gaining more and more new readers every day, which really is a sad statement about society, and seeing as how I'm the one who keeps coming up with new nicknames, I'll spell them all out here:

Toews-Captain Marvel

Kane & Toews on the same line:  Daydream Nation (19 and 88)

Sharp-The Sharp-Shooter, or Shooter if you're into the whole brevity thing

Bolland-Fabulous Weapon (it's an Eagles of Death Metal reference)

Havlat-JHC, for Jesus Havlat Christ, or sometimes Martylark, but not so much these days.

Ladd-Used to be Nails, have changed it to Mountain in The Indian, but feel free to use either.

Byfuglien-It was fuckwad during the season, we've reverted to Buff now

Versteeg-VERSTEEG!, or VerStud, or Steeger

Brouwer-ohymgod ohmygod ohmygod ohshit! (Okay, we haven't used that one yet, but that's his thought process during any scoring chance)

Campbell-51 Phantom, but you can go with Soupy if you want

Seabrook-Biscuit, or Seabs

Hjalmarsson-used to be Hammer, now we've added Super Nintendo Jalmers.

Walker-Big Country, or the worst expletive you can think of.

that's all of them now, I think