Once Again, A Tale Of Two Games: Stars 3 - Hawks 5

It's funny, I didn't know until I got home to write this that the Hawks actually put up five goals.  I was sure that Sharp's empty-netter would have been too late, but here we are.  Anyway, I hope you haven't read the Feather yet because they're such adults and don't go out on weeknights so they've pretty much beaten me to every thought I had.  Whatever.  Though we could air some grievances, considering the injuries and lineup tonight two points earned is all that matters.  And the first 35 minutes were exactly what I and all of us were asking for.  The Hawks had to have this win.  It's three of four on the homestand, which you'll always take.  Now they head out for a trip where three of four points is required, but thanks to tonight they don't have to sweep it.  To the bluffs!

-Sadly, once again the Hawks turned off the ignition when carrying a lead.  If there's a small silver lining, and this could be simply due to camera work, Toews was barking on the bench, clearly saying, "Finish them fucking off!".  This team has had this problem.  Now, opponents know they can get back in the game when down as opposed to last year when they just had to guard against getting embarrassed.  This Hawks is capable of putting teams to the sword, but I don't know how many games it's going to take to learn that lesson. Still, two points...

-With that, the Hawks in the 3rd were defensively awesome.  They didn't allow much, what they did came one and done.  That's how you see out a one goal lead.

-However, the Stars really should have had a penalty shot in the last minute. Seabrook blew a tire and pretty much threw his stick at I think Steve Ott. Marc Crawford had a couple kittens about it in the post game presser, as well as the power play discrepancy. The latter, however, is not an issue to me because every one of the Stars penalties was deserved.

-Speaking of which. I think Stephane Robidas is a fine d-man, but always thought of him as a great second pairing guy. His constant polka to the penalty box and iffy possession in his own zone did nothing to dissuade me from that.

-Yeah, fine, Dave Bolland.

-Congrats to Jeremy Morin, who's earned his first goal. It points out what I was saying though; as cool as it was to see him buzzing around physically against the Blues, the kid is much better served being in spots to score. Whatever. If you listen to the highlights, doesn't Foley say "Jeremy Morin" in the same tone he used to say "Jeremy Roenick"? Gave me chills.

-Do you see what happens, Skille?  I mean when you go to the net...

-Viktor Stalberg sat for the last period. And I don't know why. Feel free to tell me. I see the -2 as well but I didn't see major offenses.

-Mr. Crowley (Corey Crawford) has to have those first two goals. I don't care if you're screened on the 2nd, that puck walked to the net. That said, he made all the saves he had to in the 3rd, and has won 7 in a row.

-Sharp has a breakaway, and Raycroft had been literally whiffing on his glove hand all night, and you go five hole?  Yes, he had an empty-netter, but to me this felt like one of those games Sharp floats through and the Hawks cannot have that right now.  He needs to be half-Atlas that Toews was the whole of tonight, if you catch that reference.

-Oh, Bickell got 10 yards of space again.

-The Hawks actually worked a five-on-three well, just didn't score.  But for fuck's sake, with the forwards we're missing punt Sharp up there and let Hammer at least try a power play.

-While it did involve a lot of Hawks reaching and not moving their feet, Brad Richards's dish to Loui Eriksson was just sick. The pass he got was in his feet and he still got it there. I hope he stays in Dallas where he can't hurt anybody.


Let's give it to the kid:


Stay up here another month and we'll figure out something for ya. First goal, a +1, why the fuck not?