Playoff Pick SPG Contest

Almost forgot about this - the Playoff Pick SPG contest is go for tonight - complete with prizes.  All the stats for our players have been erased so it's anyone's game again.  And the "Will Not Happen" option has been taken away so it's time to really show your stuff.

For those new to the game - it's simple.  Go to and register (it's completely free) while being sure to pick the Hawks as your favorite team.  What you'll then have to do is pick which Hawk will be the first to take a shot on goal, take a penalty and score a goal for each period.  As a bonus for the insane - they've set it up for a 6 OT game so get creative.

And yes, there is a prize!  I was able to get my hands on an autographed puck from team Selke winner and possible John Druce, Andrew Ladd.  Whoever has the most points when the Hawks season ends, whenever that may be, will win it.  If there's a tie, we'll find a way to pick a winner.  I might have some prizes for second and third place too but more details to come on those - Good luck to all.