Run Run Rudolph, Santa's Gotta Make It To Whirlaway


Another holiday, another big road game for the Hawks, which means it must be time for the Three Amigos to host a road watch.  So, we invite you on Dec. 23rd to join Killion, McClure, and myself at Whirlaway (Fullerton at Kedzie) for the Dec. 23rd tilt against Scum.  It's at 6:30, so just head straight from the office and avoid even more time with your family.  Just look for a tall doofus with the shit-eating grin, the Irish-looking motherfucker in the Toews jersey, and the bald, Scott Ian-looking moron with the look of desperation in his eyes.

Few thoughts from last night:

-Brian Campbell had his best game of the season last night, and it wasn't just the goal. He was flying into the Blues' zone, and was pretty damn fair in his own end. Andy Murray was quoted after the game as saying the difference between this year's Hawks and last year's in 51 Phantom is playing well. That's definitely part of it, as the Hawks have a d-man capable of quick transition for at least 40 minutes a game (combined with Keith). Though his numbers don't look all that impressive (due to inexplicably having his PP time cut), Hjalmarsson has brought the best out of Soupy. The best play of the night didn't result in a goal, but Campbell's rush up the left boards and blind pass to Hossa, who then faked Conklin out of his gord but contrived to not score, was a treat to watch. Two sublimely talented players displaying it to the hilt.

-The encouraging thing about Troy Brouwer's goal was the way he drifted into a scoring area by stopping to lose his check. That displays instincts that we know Troy has always had, something that would be awesome to pass to Buff.

-That said, since Buff has been skating with Madden, he's been a presence, and a very physical one at that.  Whether he scores or not, as long as this continues, I won't complain.

- The Blues are a mess. They didn't put forth any sort of energy until down three, and I can only imagine a fear of embarrassment was the main factor. The only two players I noticed all night were David Perron and Erik Johnson.

I think that's it for now.