Second Verse - A Little Bit Louder But We Hope No Worse: Stars at Hawks Preview/Pregame Thread/Mass Carpet Bagging

Minnesota_north_stars_1982_medium vs. Blackhawks-logo_medium

GAMETIME: 7:30pm
STARSHINE: Defending Big D

But remember, what the Hawks want you to think is really important is the red carpet ceremony, where the players ride a limo from the player lot around Wood and down Madison. Oh, and ice girls will be out in public, if you're into that sort of thing (though so will I, I guess. So maybe I shouldn't complain).

Anyway, the Hawks open the home portion of the campaign, after a spotty or awkward or abstract effort last night. The Hawks were sloppy, frantic, and just kind of all over in a Jackson Pollock fashion. I'm going to be hopeful and say a large part of this was due to the excitement of the season opener combined with a bouncy castle like ice surface and not due to plain incompetence.

And yet I found myself frustrated at some old things, things I don't want to see tonight. Line juggling 20 minutes into the season? Even that's pushing it. Keith and Leddy paired together? Responsible for another goal against. How many does it take. Everyone being trotted out at center except Patrick Sharp? Confusing. But i should probably just get used to it, because it's all going to happen again tonight.

What also will happen tonight is that Marcus Kruger will be up instead of Brandon Pirri. Why? Got me. I didn't think Pirri was all that bad last night and was in on some chances. Sure, he blew a couple, but at least I noticed him Have I ever noticed Marcus Kruger in a game? German man says, "NEIN!" Whatever, shouldn't make that much of a difference. No word on if Dave Bolland's actually going to make the post tonight, as there was no morning skate. Fingers crossed that getting in and out of the limo doesn't tweak his back.

As for what should happen on the ice, I'd settle for watching two passes hit actual tape in a row. Again, some of this can be blamed on whatever that surface was in Dallas last night. But the UC one isn't going to be any better in this Indian Summer (and I hate the heat I gotta backstreet love in the passenger seat I PRAAAAY!....whoops, sorry). Some of this will be helped by the Hawks settling down quicker. It would also help if the lineup remained the same throughout to create some fucking cohesion instead of juggling them around like fucking lottery balls in the fucki....sorry, sorry. Not going to do this now. My bad.

Anyway, the Hawks are home, and most important is that the United Center becomes Fortress Continental again instead of the Cathouse where all your dreams come true that it basically was last year. I think we'll all be happy if the Hawks just come out as if someone just shit in their cereal. A lot of problems are solved like that.

I'll see you down there.