So Where Do We Go From Here? Just About Anywhere...

First of all - sorry none of us have been around lately with anything to say about the game and the celebrations.  Like you, we're still in shock.  We also recovered from our hangovers from Wednesday only in time to do it all over again for the parade.  We have quite a few plans for the summer so we'll let you know more about them when the time is right. For now, here are just a few quick thoughts and ideas:

  • Hard to believe - but the NHL Entry Draft is just under two weeks away. Like we did last year, SBN's hockey blogs will be doing our own Mock Draft starting on the 16th. Check From The Rink for more details when the time comes. Last year, we picked Joonas Nattinen with the 28th overall pick. We were maybe a bit high on that kid since he didn't actually get picked until the 3rd round, 65th overall. This year, we obviously get the 30th overall pick so I hope you're ready for us to randomly select some kid you've never heard of... because prospects aren't our strong suit. We're up for ideas though - if you've got a can't miss prospect that will make us look intelligent, let us know in the comments.
  • Speaking of the draft - we know the Hawks will be making some moves this summer and this could be the first time we see some action from wonder-kid Stan Bowman.
  • And hey, speaking of the front office - Adam Burish certainly made it easier for the Hawks to say goodbye to him with comments like these. Nice one there, Burwood. Burish is a UFA this summer, along with Madden, the corpse of Kim Johnsson, Nick Boynton and a few others. The big RFA's are Andrew Ladd, Niklas Hjalmarsson, Antti Niemi, Jordan Hendry, Ben Ea... jesus christ there are a lot of them. We're going to have a lot of fun talking about this situation all summer, aren't we?
  • Want to have a lot of fun? Go re-read the comments in our OT game thread and post-game thread for Game 6. Want to have almost as much fun? Go read the game thread over at St. Louis Game Time. Just skip ahead to the OT though, they're pretty butthurt about the whole thing and I guarantee it'll make you laugh.
  • I still haven't trimmed or shaved my playoff beard - I'm having a hard time saying goodbye. Anybody else having this problem?