Some of Bryan Bickell’s best with the Blackhawks

He definitely made the Blackhawks that much more awesome to watch - especially in 2013.

Remember the 2013 NHL playoffs?

Oh, yeah, it ended with the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup; of course you do.

That was also when Bryan Bickell scored 17 points throughout the Cup run. He was second on the team in scoring, having possibly the best two months of his entire career en route to a championship.

With the terrible news that Bickell has been diagnosed with MS, I thought it would be worth it to go back and relive some of his finest moments as a Blackhawk.

For example: how about a playoff overtime winner?

(The worst coincidence possible in that highlight: Bickell scored on Josh Harding, who also has MS. Harding played a hell of a game, stopping 35 of 37 shots for a .946 save percentage. Respect.)

This one is a good one, too: never forget who kicked off 17 seconds.

Now that’s a man who could grow an amazing playoff beard.

Here’s something the Blackhawks themselves put together a couple of years ago:

And maybe most important of all? Don’t forget both Bryan and Amanda Bickell’s efforts to help both pit bull-like dogs and kids through the Bickell Foundation, a measure they remained committed to in Chicago even after Bickell was traded.

Bickell gave Blackhawks fans a lot of fond memories, all the while being a stand up guy off the ice. The entire hockey world is definitely wishing him all the best.