SPG Leaders

So far we've played two games in our SCH Pick SPG contest - and just like Adam Burish, I haven't scored a point yet.  I'm not alone though Hawk Is God hasn't scored yet either and there are a handful of players who have signed up but not entered any players yet.

I've added the leader-board to the right sidebar and will be updating it after every game.  As you can see it's not too late to sign up and play along.  Despite how I'm doing so far, the game is easy.  So go over to Pick SPG and sign up and make picks for tomorrow's game.  Only 7 more players and we'll have more members than the Avs and we'll be in the top 50% of teams on there.

and yes - I am very competitive and will continue to urge people to join til we're the top team on the site - so do it.