The Final Round - Ask Us Anything Answers

We had fun with this, and that's really all that matter. Your enjoyment does not. But you knew that, right? Kidding (maybe). Let's finish strong, just like Lovie would want! Sorry, football on the brain.

1) Punk rock: Worst style of music ever, or worst style of music of all time?

2) Wait, am I going to get banned for this? -tgo909

The answer to the first question is irrelevant because the answer to the second is an emphatic yes. And the new site too.

are we going to play ‘Stonehenge’? - CliffKorrol

Jazz odyssey.

Hawks Question: What trade do you think Stan will make either prior to season or more likely mid season? I see Stals being shipped out but to who and for what? -JRS 23

A hockey question?! How boring. All right, fine. My guess, is if there is a season, Stals would be the main trade bait as his contract is up and Saad, Hayes, Morin, and one or two others are there to fill in his spot. For what? Hunch says goalie. There should be a fair few available.

Is this a pimple or a boil? - Say Ramrod

It's a gummy bear. And that's a great moniker.

Favorite Chicago Brewery? - OMFS88

Whichever one Killion is working an event at and I can drink for free. It's the American Dream.

1- What is the biggest thing you miss about the old stadium?

2- What is the one jersey you see that makes you groan when you see it? - Hawkie

Seeing as how I'm the only one of the triumvirate to actually step foot in the Old Stadium, I'm so excited to answer this (and that will be my Dan McNeil puffy chest moment of this post):

1. I miss so many things. The nuts pounding on the fire escape doors, the overhanging second deck, it literally shaking. I think what I miss most is the feeling of imminent danger. That thought in the back of your head that maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't make it out of this place alive.

2. The guy one section over for me, who has been dubbed Fuckwit 319, who immediately gets a jersey with whatever "enforcer" the Hawks have. Yes, he had a Bollig and a Shaw jersey last year to match his Scott one. This kind of thinking just makes my blood boil.

Why is Kane Humpty Hump? Actually, if you’d be willing to explain as many of the nicknames as possible that’d be great. - Bellwether Meltdown

Well I won't go through all of them, but listen to the lyrics of Humpty Dance and tell me they don't match up with Kaner's off-ice antics perfectly. I thought it worked.

Jim Cornielson or Wayne Messmer? - Indian Head Crest

Messmer. That's childhood.

Are you surprised at how much of a community this has become? - Girl Phoenix

Surprised or terrified? In all honesty, it's humbling, and I'm sure I speak for the other two when I say it is what we are most proud of and hope will carry over to the new site. Especially when you lot make me laugh in the comments. I may not talk about it much, but it's a real lift.

How come none of you guys have shown up to any SCH Inline Hockey games? - Lance Fister

I'd love to tell you I have a good answer for that one. I guess since none of us play? I assure you we'll correct it in the near future. Kills will bring beer.

How much do you regret this idea? - Mighty Mike D

Not at all, it's been fun.