The Waiting Is The Hardest Part & Your Oppressive Heat Breaking Weekend Thread

We don't like to sit here and comment on rumors and innuendo. It generally is a waste of time, we're not quite sure who to believe, and eventually you look like an idiot no matter what. But with the big free agents signing up, and the trade market bog down as more teams get into it and the ones already in it get more desperate, it's kind of all we're left with. So, let's talk about them and then adjourn for the weekend or until something actually happens.

The one that won't go away is the Roberto Luongo buzz, and it wasn't helped by an interview Bobby did in Vancouver today. I don't know how much should be read into it. Luongo clearly wants to start greasing the skids to get out of town so he's applying the pressure that he can. But I can't imagine that the Canucks want to deal him within the conference unless there are no other suitors. Why the Panthers want to be a suitor with Markstrom on the way no one's been able to adequately explain to me.

If it wasn't for the 35 years left on his contract, I'd be more curious about this than you'd think. You know you'd be getting one of the better regular season goalies in the league, and though he got replaced by Schneider after Game 2 against the Kings, it wasn't really anything Luongo did. Jonathan Quick was just better. But yeah, that's the thing, you know that he's just waiting to kill you when it matters most, and you wonder why the Hawks think they could change that when they've been the ones administering the lethal injection before. This smacks of the Hawks just chasing a name to chase a name, and I'll still be shocked if it happens.

Other names being tossed around are Evander Kane, which would rock and we know how Stan loves to deal with former employees. And considering the ludicrous contract Chevyldayoff just handed to Ondrej Pavelec, he may in fact be an idiot. Another former Hawks front office guy is in Montreal, and there's been some whispers there, mostly about Rene Bourque. Not the worst idea, it's not the Bourque who flattered to deceive here. Now he's a pretty physical winger who can get you 20-25 goals, if not a little pricey. Paul Stastny is another name out there, but that might take the moon.

Sadly, haven't heard the Hawks in on Bobby Ryan, but they really might not have the King's and Queen's ransom Bob Murray is asking for and very well might get from the Flyers. Brandon Saad isn't as NHL proven as say Matt Read or Brayden Schenn, and we don't know if Stan wants to give up Saad as it is. Jay Bouwmeester is another name, and if you can't fleece Jay Feaster than you're immediately fired.

Just speculation and whispers. We'll have to wait until something concrete. Stay cool.