Who's Your Guy - Free Agent Defensemen

Well, we're 48 hours (less actually) from what should be a pretty exciting (we hope exciting) free agency bull being let out of the cage or box or pen or whatever those bull riders call it, and Stan Bowman tries to stay on for eight seconds. Or maybe Stan's the bull and we're trying to stay on for eight seconds. I don't really know the details of this metaphor. So, as is my wont, let's steal a page from The Afternoon Show and play "Who's Your Guy?"!

In reality, it is more likely that the Hawks won't be addressing their blue line heavily through free agency. They appear intent on re-signing Chris Campoli, making Nick Leddy-Niklas Hjalmarsson your second pairing -- with Campoli bumping up if Leddy vomits up the chance like White Castle at 3am (sorry McClure). But that still leaves a whole at the #6 spot, and all the wishbones broken, salt tossed over the shoulder, and various rain dances that Stan Bowman will do to try and make John Scott that guy simply aren't going to work. If they even try it I will personally lead a breaking open of the pitchfork closet and light your torches. So i'll refrain from putting down the big names like Christian Ehrhoff and...well, Christian Ehrhoff, and focus on who'll be a likely candidate for that slot. Tracey Myers tweeted today the Hawks will have serious interest in Jan Hejda. which is just Czech for a worse Hal Gill. And I hate Hal Gill. Think harder.

I'm voting for either Montador or O'Donnell. Both have the size and nasty streak that is missing from the Hawks back end, and won't be very expensive. They both could be centerfield for a learning Nick Leddy, which Campoli or Keith never quite mastered. So let's play...Who's Your Guy?

Who's Your Guy - Free Agent Defenseman

Steve Montador422
Sean O'Donnell81
Ed Jovanovski132
Scott Hannan55
Kent Huskins8
Shane O'Brien121
Jeff Woywitka14
Offer sheet to some restricted FA59