Who's Your Guy - Free Agent Forwards (4th Line Center Division)

The companion piece to the one before it. The Hawks need a serious upgrade at the 4th line center. They need someone that Q can trust to take a regular shift, win important draws, kill penalties, provide some leadership, and on occasion be able to finish, something Ryan Johnson simply couldn't do. There are more of these out there to be had then there are top six forwards.

My feelings have been made quite clear on the subject, so what are yours? There are other options. Vernon Fiddler fits all the criteria as well as being a genuine pain in the ass that Adam Burish only pretended he was. Marcel Goc is the poor man's Fiddler, really. John Madden would be a sentimental choice, but he really might be finished. Eric Belanger provides more scoring than the rest.

So, who's your guy?

Who's Your Guy - 4th Line Center

Chris Drury380
Marcel Goc53
Vernon Fiddler196
John Madden198
Eric Belanger109