A Thoroughly Unenjoyable Three Hours: Hawks at Scum Preview

Every Hawks fan knows what I'm talking about.  Games against Scum don't contain one second of entertainment.  They are miserable experiences, even in victory.  You could chew your fingers off, grind your teeth into dust, pull all your hair out and parts of your scalp.  Maybe I'm alone, but I doubt it, I turn into such a child during and after these games.  I hate them, and it has nothing to do with the results.

Anyway, the Hawks are in the Joe tonight, which between periods will be hosting a contest to see who can come up with the best Bailout proposal for the Big 3 (Detroit's been hit hard by the economy, if you don't believe it, just fucking ask them.)  Scum are in the midst of a four-game homestand, and they've won the first two.  The Hawks are coming off one of the more impressive comebacks they've put together this season.  I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was positve that when Anaheim took the lead in the 3rd on Wednesday that they would just sit on our head for the remainder and walk away with a very boring victory.  Then Kris VerStud, as I think he might be known as on the site for the remainder of the season, decided he'd had enough.  First he undressed Montador to create Havlat's goal, then a slick crease pass to Captain Marvelous for the winner.

The Hawks haven't put 60 minutes together in quite a while.  I only pray they've been saving it for tonight.  Any switch-off and The Men of Four Feathers could find themselves down multiple goals in a hurry.  Such is the skill on Scum.  However, should the Hawks play, there are goals to be had, especially if Osgood is in net.  Scum are 22nd in the league in Goals Against.  It's more likely Conklin will be in net for Scum, as he's been miles better than Osbad.  They're basically 80's Oilers-ing their way through the season  Unfortunately, they have enough talent to do so.  Huet can win over the Hawk fans tonight with one good performance, be it against Osbad or Conklin.

Since the beginning of the road-trip, the Hawks have played a remarkably disciplined game.  They've averaged 3 PP's against for the last 4 games.  They'll have to keep that up, as we all know, Scum's PP is obscene.  Do that, and there's every chance that tonight's miserable experience will end with a smile.

CK EDIT: Still time to sign up for the Pick SPG contest - we already have more fans than the Wild and 4 more people will give us more than the Pens and Sabres.  If you've already signed up- don't forget to make your pics.