Puke: Hawks 4, Scum 4

Sure, it's probably sour grapes.  Whatever.  One day, we'll need a movment to get rid of the shootout, and I'm going to do my part and not recognize the results of them here.  That will also include whenever the Hawks win them, should that ever happen again.  I'm sure some peckerhead Scum fan will leave some obnoxious comment about how Scum won, but we'll just point to our point.

That same peckerhead fan, or possibly another one, they're everywhere, will try and point out how great Scum is because they came back.  Let's be clear:  When you wake up tomorrow, you'll remember that for a great majority of this game, the Hawks kicked Scum's ass up and down the ice.  Even when the Hawks were going down two, they had the better of the play.  By a clear margin.  What's so infuriating about Scum is they don't miss a chance.  Ever.  A bad boune off the boards eludes Huet.  Goal.  One bad change by the Hawks, possibly the only one of the night.  Goal.  Hossa gets away with a hold in his zone causing a turnover.  Goal.  There's just no margin for error.  I don't think this was Chicago going into a shell and wating to be caught.  They had just as many chances as Scum did.  But that won't console you tonight when you're burying a straight right into an over-talkative Scum fan at your favorite bar.

I think it's important to reiterate just how good the Hawks were in the first two periods.  Captain Marvel's first goal will have us talking for days.  His second was almost as good.  Versteeg was everywhere in both ends.  Bolland, Ladd, and Havlat were constatntly making things happen.  Keith was a force.  51 Phantom found a team he could throw his weight around against.  If the Hawks play like this the rest of the season, it won't be much of a worry making the playoffs.

But that won't make you feel better.  Or me.  Reading some post-game threads on other boards, there's a lot of vitriol being spewed towards Huet.  The first goal obviously is one you could object to.  But I won't complain about Hossa's equalizer.  Sometimes the guy playing the best hockey on the planet will pick out the top corner.  It happens.  Especially when he's allowed to get away with holding to start the rush.  Still, let's see Crawford tomorrow.  Huet's not the type to do well back-to-back.

Perhaps the end result tonight will be better for the Hawks tomorrow night vs. the Yotes.  Instead of satisfied complacency, we'll have 20 pissed off Hawks.  3 of 4 points in a back-to-back is acceptable.  Let's go get it.