Can We Pick Up The Pieces And Send Them Home?



-Back with my usual day after post mortem. As I alluded to in the preview to Game 5, after checking out the CORSI's for Game 4 I got all itchy about last night's contest long before it started. It told the tale of a team that if it could keep its brain dripping out from its ear it would be right there with the Hawks. And so it proved last night. But looking at last night's CORSI, I'm encouraged to the same degree I was shaken before. No one other than the 4th line got especially hammered, and the Hawks did have their chances. That's not to say the Canucks didn't deserve to win, they most certainly did as they were above reproach in keeping the Hawks to the outside for the most part. But if the disparities between the goalies last night wasn't so huge in the 1st period, it very well may have been a different game. The Canucks did benefit from a lack of urgency from the Hawks, but I doubt they get that gift twice.

-Patrick Kane must be sexually aroused by popping the water bottle (actually, I get the impression Patrick Kane is sexually aroused when there's a stiff breeze). A couple times last night the Hawks required a puck on net from The Crazy 88, and they got a crack off the glass. This is part of the too-cute disease the Hawks sometimes fall into and is manifested strongest in Kane. In addition he also passed a couple times when a shot was needed. Dumb it down there, Kaner.

-Looking at Hossa's, Sharp's, and Kopecky's CORSI and such, you can't help but feel that line is due to explode at any time, and it's hopefully Game 6. Hossa took a couple penalties, but his are generally out of over-exuberant effort, unlike...

-Dustin Byfuglien. You can see why we have a stat line in The Indian for Hawks Record When Buff Is A Useless Bag Of Crap as well as When He Turns Into Cam Fucking Neely. Extravagant, silly, and lazy can all be applied to Buff last night. Though as we know, GM Place is where he does his best work. Get your ass back to the net, and knock off the silliness.

-In fact, all of the Hawks need to knock off the silliness. They were far too petulant last night, while the other team just got down to the business of playing hockey. Yes, you were able to get the Canucks off their game twice by being in their face and annoying, but they very well might be done distributing those gifts. Play the game, shut up, and move on. Ladd opening O'Brien's wound, Bolland's slash to Sedin's ankles, Buff's moronic penalty, these things can't happen. Put your head down and play, you can beat these guys that way too.

-Campbell played 24 minutes last night, and had his most active game. They'll need this again Tuesday.

That's it for now, I think.