Hawks-Caps Preseason Thread: Welcome Back To....Machine

Well, if the Hawks are getting warm up games, then we get warm up threads.  So here's your first game-thread of the year.  I expect a few misfires, a few misplaced expletives, some insults and jokes that don't quite live up to our usual standard, and Thor to accidentally put up a whiskey or something.  But hey, it's the preseason, and we're working out the kinks too.

I won't do a full out preview here, but there are a couple things I'm going to watch for tonight. I haven't seen a roster of who is actually taking the ice tonight (someone please put that up as soon as you can, and we'll add it) but if Shawn Lalonde is one of the active unit, I'm curious to see how he looks. He drew some raves at Prospects Camp, and should he develop over this season he gives the Hawks some options down the road. Obviously, it's always fun to see if Kyle Beach will end up in jail or not.

None of the trio of stupid that is this blog will be there tonight, we're still stretching out our hockey muscles.  I'll be down for the next one peddling the waste-of-time rag that is The Committed Indian.  Anyone who is going tonight, feel free to give us a fanpost about the atmosphere and the new additions to The 300 Level.  Actually, that's very important.  If someone could get lots of pictures of the new bars and whatever else is going on up there, I need them for future Indian pieces.  You will be compensated in some way.   Also feel free to write something up about the Fest this morning.

Right, have at it, you salty dogs you!

LINES! (thanks Mike Martin)

Versteeg - Toews - Kane

Sharp - Kopecky - Byfuglien

Eager - Madden - Skille

Bickell - Dowell - Bois

Keith - Biscuit

Barker - Campbell

Sopel - Petiot