It's Hard To Leave When You Can't Find The Door

Well, this is it. The party is over and all that's left are the empty beer cups, a stained ping-pong table, two people we've never seen before making out on the couch, some angry neighbors (at least the ones who aren't passed out in the hall), and your friend from work still asking everyone if there's any coke at this party. Needless to say, it was a hell of a soiree, wasn't it?

I've thought about what I would say here for a while, and come up with a thousand different things. But I guess the easiest thing to do would be to tell you all what I've gotten from this site and this community, and that'll make it pretty clear just how important you all are to me.

First thing first is that you've all helped me to have the greatest job in the world. Your support, your loyalty, your love of my stupid little publication allow me to have a schedule and lifestyle I only dreamed of when I was younger. I get paid to share my hockey thoughts with you, I get to meet a lot of you, I get to call my own shots, and I get my summers off without educating the youth (well, I guess I educate some of the youth in a certain fashion. There's a small group of kids out there who can now say "fucktard" in proper context). Maybe that sounds like bragging, and it kind of is, but I couldn't have achieved it without this blog. And you make this blog. You make me want to make each post better and more entertaining than the last, because you make it such an awesome place to be a part of. You make me cherish what I get to do by stopping by my post outside and Gate 3 and taking the time to tell me how much you enjoy it. That only makes me work harder. I can't thank you enough.

I've also gained two very close friends out of this. I didn't know Kills or McClure before I started this. I guess it's pure dumb idiot luck that I was able to just randomly find two people who would become such large parts of my life. Sure, the three of us bicker, argue, and fight at times. But you only argue and fight with the people who matter. So there's another gift.

And as a lot of you know, thanks to this blog I met my wonderful girlfriend that I love dearly. And she brings you cupcakes, so you know how lucky I am.

So yeah, I'd say that's a pretty good haul for a silly little hockey blog. I'm immensely proud and humbled of what this has become. And though we are moving to new digs and we couldn't be more excited about that, this is still where it started and it's a bit sad to leave it.

I guess that's it then. We leave it to Greg and his cohorts, and we know they'll make it their own. Ok, everyone out, they've got cleaning to do and the cops are on the way.

And since you all are asking, The Committed launches on Wednesday, September 19th. We'll see you then.