The Ends Justify The Means: Wild 1 - Hawks 3

There's a lot I could say about tonight's game, and most of it wouldn't be positive. But McClure here and I in The Indian both stated that a regulation win was mandatory, and that's exactly what the Hawks got tonight. So snuff it, why complain? There are warts, there are things to improve, but for right now I think it's best we just take these two points and move on in the hopes that this win, while not at their best, is the first sign of a team that's going to find a way to win and not a way to lose. We saw it in the 3rd on Saturday in Phoenix, we saw it here. Whatever, it's better than the alternative.

-A good many of us probably had acid flashbacks at the thought of a Brouwer-Kopecky-Bickell line, and most of us wondered how they would ever complete a pass. However, this is the line that finally got the Hawks going with about four minutes left in the second. Some furious forechecking, some physical play, and a sweet move from TomoKop that led to a scoring chance, and from then on out the Hawks were the better team. Is this a long term solution? Almost certainly not. It hardly makes any sense for the only three forwards that can crash the net to all be on the same line, but for right now I'm just not going to fight it.

-While Sassone and others may lose their head over the Brent Seabrook negotiations, am I the only one who thinks extending Troy Brouwer is going to be nearly as important? Or are we bathing in forwards with size who have a nose for every facet of the game, and I just wasn't informed?

-The experiment of Frolik-Bolland-Hossa at least warranted more time after tonight. It's clear that Hossa and Bolland have an understanding on the power play, they were lethal tonight. That has to be given a chance at 5-on-5. Frolik is going to need more time, as he's gone from Florida to playing important games in the West, and that's probably a bigger adjustment than we gave it credit for. But the dude has wheels and hands and an IQ, and I look forward to seeing what he does 10 games into his Hawks career.

-Kudos to Patrick Kane, who probably wasn't operating at any more than 65%, but gutted it out and made things happen.

-He may only get 7 minutes of ice time a night, but Viktor Stalberg makes at least one thing happen per game recently. Tonight it was the penalty that led to the winning goal. He won't be what I thought he could be, at least not here, but he's doing what he can in a limited role.

-Brian Campbell once again showed just enough patience to open up a lane for a goal, and I hope Duncan Keith was paying attention.

-Your CORSI leader tonight? Nick Leddy.

-That said, in crunch time tonight the Hawks went with only their top 4 d-men, and Keith saw a lot of time with Campbell. Again, two points, so whatever.

-While it doesn't help that Calgary won tonight, the three teams trailing them (including the Hawks) all have three games in hand on them, and that's even if you believe in this whole "Flames as viable" thing, which I don't. In my mind, once you consider the crash back down to the place where the Rock people live that's coming for Calgary, the Hawks are essentially tied for the last playoff spot right now. And even still, I'm not scoreboard watching yet, because I still feel it's about what the Hawks do. When and if that seven of eight or 10 of 12 streak arrives, things are going to look a fuck of a lot rosier.

-Oh, right, Marian Hossa can be a total mutant.

Player of the Game


Won't you ride my white horse? Mr. Crowley was excellent tonight, especially in the 1st when his team needed it. Honestly, there's no reason to play Turco outside of back-to-backs. This is your #1 right here, and he's one of the better ones in the league. The time has come to ride him as much as possible.