Blackhawks Community Survey - July 2019

A survey for Blackhawks fans to gauge the confidence in the franchise.

This is the July installment of the Second City Hockey community survey. As a reminder, we will be publishing monthly opportunities for Blackhawks fans to participate in surveys that will measure the confidence fans have in the direction the team is taking, the coaching staff and front office decisions.

A few notes on the FanPulse survey series

  • There will be a question on the state of the NHL each month.
  • A question regarding the confidence in the coaching staff will start in September.
  • We will be creating and posting charts that track responses to two questions over the course of the 2019-20 season - your confidence in the direction the team is taking and the coaching staff. We are looking forward to sharing them with you.
  • FanPulse surveys will be posted on the first of each month./

June was busy for GM Stan Bowman and his front office colleagues

Free Agent Signings

Polls close at noon on July 3.

Are you confident in the direction the team is taking?


Are you confident in the decision to take Kirby Dach at No. 3 overall at the 2019 NHL draft?

Hard cap - There is an upper limit to a team’s payroll that can’t be exceeded. 135
Soft cap - There is an upper limit to a team’s payroll, but teams can choose to go over that limit. If they do go over, there are consequences like having to pay a luxury tax or losing draft picks.190